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Aug. 8, 2014

欧州文化首都ヴロツワフ2016(ポーランド): 将棋指導者来日
Shogi instructor from Wroclaw is to visit Japan

IMG_5972.jpg  2016年の欧州文化首都ヴロツワフで活動するポーランド日本親善友好財団「波」にて将棋指導を行っているヴォイテックさんが8月13日から9月15日まで日本に初来日。現地での将棋普及に向け、将棋を世界に広める会、北尾まどか女流二段の協力の下、将棋指導法の技術を深めるため様々な研修を行います。
  Mr.Wojciech Jedynak, Shogi instructor at Polish-Japanese Friendship Foundation NAMI is to come to Japan for research travel for the fist time.  NAMI is based in Wroclaw, European Capital of Culture 2016. He will have meetings and programs to develop his knowledge and pedagogical skills with help from Int'l Shogi Popularization Society and Ms.Madoka Kitao 2-dan during his stay.

Photo: 16 Jul. in Wroclaw. Ms.Madoka Kitao 2-dan(left), Mr.Wojciech Jedynak(2nd from left ), and Secretary general Kogi (right)