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ColumnOverviews and close-ups on EU-Japan Fest programs and the cultural climate

Košice 2013: Premier Kyogen Piece "Buaku" Catches Hearts of European Audience


The 21st EU-Japan Fest Program
Kyogen Performance by the Little Theatre of Kyogen Brno (Czech) & Motohiko Shigeyama

Ondrej Hybl
Nagomi Kyogen Czech

 For Nagomi Kyogen Czech this year was one of tremendous good fortune. We were blessed with the valuable experience of studying for nine months with Motohiko Shigeyama, the kyogen master of the Okura school who was resident in the Czech Republic as an ambassador of culture, and performing for local audiences with professional kyogen actors. Further to our good fortune was the call from EU-Japan Fest for our Czech team to appear in two kyogen performances together with Japanese professionals at Košice, this y...

as of 10 Jan. 2014


On Taking Part in "Days of Poetry and Wine"

The 21st EU-Japan Fest Program
International Poetry Festival “Days of Poetry and Wi...

Joh Tachibana

as of 20 Nov. 2013


Bonsai Connecting the World

The 21st EU-Japan Fest Program
Use the City Festival: Bonsai Exhibition and Demonst...

Takahiro Mori
Bonsai Mori

as of 06 Aug. 2013


Secretariat Report "The Past 20 Years, the Coming 20 Years"

On the occasion of concluding all the programs of the 20th EU-Japan Fest (Jan. 2012 - Ma...

Shuji Kogi
Secretary General

as of 14 Jun. 2013


A Tiny Bloom in Maribor

The 20th EU-Japan Fest
“Japanese Autumn: The Edo Marionette Group”

Mitsuru Kamijo
The Edo Marionette Group

as of 12 Mar. 2013


Media Art and Culture: What It Takes to Live in the Information Society

The 20th EU-Japan Fest
“Ars Electronica Festival 2012 -The Big Picture-Ars Electro...

Martin Honzik
Director, Festival Ars Electronica

as of 02 Nov. 2012


Timeless Fashion

An essay written by a Slovenian designer Nena Florjančič who participated in t...

Nena Florjančič

as of 29 Oct. 2012


Secretariat Report

On the occasion of finishing all programs of 19th EU-Japan Fest (Jan. 2011 - Mar. 2012),...

Shuji Kogi

as of 01 Jun. 2012


Chikamatsu Monzaemon and Romania

The 19th EU-Japan Fest Program
“the 18th Sibiu International Theatre Festival: thea...

Masahiro Yasuda
Artistic Director, Yamanote Jijosha

as of 25 Apr. 2012

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