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ColumnOverviews and close-ups on EU-Japan Fest programs and the cultural climate

Bonsai Slovakia 2014: Gratitude for a Revisit


The 22nd EU-Japan Fest
Bonsai Slovakia 2014

Takahiro Mori
Bonsai Mori

Can there be anyone in the world who has not seen a tree rooted in the ground? Even in desolate desert regions or in cities filled with concrete, one can always find trees with their roots planted in the ground. Bonsai is the expression, within a pot, of scenery featuring trees that lies within the mind. This is why there are no factional schools in the practice of bonsai. Rather, our teaching is that bonsai is about learning from Nature. One trains a tree nurtured in a small pot and raises it in good health. Given...

as of 10 Sep. 2014


Mountain in Motion. Japanese programme in Riga.

The 22nd EU-Japan Fest
International Contemporary Dance Festival “Time to Dance 20...

Simona Orinska
dance performer and choreographer, Japanese programme curator and coordinator

as of 25 Aug. 2014


Gardens, crossings, walking poems ... and infinite path to eternity

The 21st EU-Japan Fest
“Support for the Surveys & Consultations in Japan by figures...

Petra Kapš
Sound artist

as of 02 Jul. 2014



The 21st EU-Japan Fest “Swedish Style in Tokyo”

Ewa Kumlin
Managing Director, Svensk Form

as of 16 Jun. 2014


"Linz Before European Capital of Culture and After"
The Case of Ars Electronica

The 21st EU-Japan Fest Program “Ars Electronica”

Gerfried Stocker
artistic director, Ars Electronica

as of 02 Jun. 2014


Košice 2013: Premier Kyogen Piece "Buaku" Catches Hearts of European Audience

The 21st EU-Japan Fest Program
Kyogen Performance by the Little Theatre of Kyogen B...

Ondrej Hybl
Nagomi Kyogen Czech

as of 10 Jan. 2014


On Taking Part in "Days of Poetry and Wine"

The 21st EU-Japan Fest Program
International Poetry Festival “Days of Poetry and Wi...

Joh Tachibana

as of 20 Nov. 2013


Bonsai Connecting the World

The 21st EU-Japan Fest Program
Use the City Festival: Bonsai Exhibition and Demonst...

Takahiro Mori
Bonsai Mori

as of 06 Aug. 2013


Secretariat Report "The Past 20 Years, the Coming 20 Years"

On the occasion of concluding all the programs of the 20th EU-Japan Fest (Jan. 2012 - Ma...

Shuji Kogi
Secretary General

as of 14 Jun. 2013

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