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Second Tokyo Poetry Festival and Sixth World Haiku Association Conference 2011

Tokyo Poetry Festival Council, NPO World Haiku Association Tokyo, Japan

Making poets from around the world aware of Japanese rich poetic spirit will contribute enormously to spreading awareness of Japanese culture throughout the world. Yet at the same time, being exposed to recitations from poets who are active at the forefront around the world and coming into direct contact with their spirit will undoubtedly bring about fresh inspiration for poets of Japanese poetry, tanka, and haiku.

In carrying on with results and track record of 2005's Euro-Japan Poetry Festival in Tokyo and 2008's Tokyo Poetry Festival 2008, as well as the World Haiku Association Conference-which has been held five times, including overseas-, they will hold the international poetry festival in Tokyo.

9-10 Sep. 2011
Meiji University's Liberty Hall(Liberty Tower 1F)
With or Without Mythology

■10 Sep. 2011

  • 10:00~12:00 World Haiku Association Conference and Haiku Reading
  • 13:30~14:00 Speech "Poetry and Myth"
  • 14:00~15:30 Poetry Reading 1: Masato Tomobe, Amelia Fielden, Hiroki Saegusa, Mordechai Geldman, Ban'ya Natsuishi, Ts. Tsolmon
  • 16:00~18:00 Poetry Reading 2: Shuntaro Tanikawa, Kornelijus Platelis, Ei Akitsu, Sei Imai,
    Chiaushin Ngo, Tadato Nakatsuka, Joyelle McSweeney, Lee, Jin-Myung

■11 Sep. 2011

  • 10:00~12:00 Poetry Reading 3: Takashi Okai, Takako Arai, Bakos Ferenc, Doc Drumheller,
    Masayuki Tamura, Kika Hotta, Kiyoko Iwabuchi, Akira Naito
  • 13:30~14:00 Speech "Haiku as Myth"
  • 14:00~15:30 Poetry Reading 4: Riina Katajavuori, Toriko Takarabe, Saeko Ozaki, Jin Zhong,
    Johannes Göransson, Ginema
  • 16:00~18:00 Poetry Reading 5: Sayumi Kamakura, Petar Tchouhov, Kazuyuki Hosomi, Hadaa Sendoo, Eiko Kukuminato, Iztok Osojnik Junko Takahashi
  • 18:30~20:30 Farewell Party - Poetry Reading by some 20 participating poets


Masayuki Tamura, Toriko Takarabe, Takako Arai, Masato Tomobe, Shuntaro Tanikawa, Junko Takahashi, Kazuyuki Hosomi, Bakos Ferenc ( Hungary), Doc Drumheller (New Zealand), Amelia Fielden (Australia), Mordechai Geldman (Israel), Johannes Göransson (Sweden), Jin Zhong(China), Riina Katajavuori (Finland), Joyelle McSweeney (USA), Chiaushin Ngo (Taiwan), Iztok Osojnik (Slovenia), Kornelijus Platelis (Lithuania), Hadaa Sendoo (Mongolia), Petar Tchouhov (Bulgaria), Ts. Tsolmon (Inner Mongolia), Lee, Jin-Myung (Korea)

<Tanka poets>
Ei Akitsu, Takashi Okai, Saeko Ozaki, Eiko Kukuminato, Hiroki Saegusa, Akira Naito

<Haiku poets>
Sei Imai, Kiyoko Iwabuchi, Sayumi Kamakura, Ginema, Tadato Nakatsuka, Ban'ya Natsuishi, Kika Hotta,


Related program

Festival Eve Party

9 Sep. 2011
Sikon-kan, Meiji University
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"Tokyo Poetry Festival Council" & "NPO World Haiku Association"

"Tokyo Poetry Festival Council" is a voluntary group founded in 2008, and is purposed to plan and hold continuously "Tokyo Poetry Festival".
"NPO World Haiku Association" , founded in 2000, was first registered as unlimited liability intermediary corporations, and since 2009, became a NPO. The members of WHA are 181, residing 41 countries throughout the world. WHA is active in the international cultural projects such as WHA conferences, and publication of World Haiku anthologies.

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