The 14th Abiko International Open-Air Art Exhibition

The 15th Abiko International Open-Air Art Exhibition

<From the organizer>

This art project is open-air art exhibition that is made by artists and citizens with the art camp program.
The art camp place is in Abiko-city. This city is standing about 50km far from Tokyo. This art project is formed art symposium, open art working, and the art exhibition. In the art symposium, each artist makes a presentation about his / her artwork to understand each other. During the period of open art working, the artists make artwork in the forest with citizen volunteers and communicate with the audience. And also outreach programs are held with local schools and institutions in Abiko-city to encourage the direct communication and understanding between the artists and citizens.

<Art Symposium> 13-26 Oct. 2012
<Open Art Working> 20-26 Oct. 2012
<Exhibition> 27 Oct. - 11 Nov. 2012
Fusa grove for residents, Aijima Art Center, Aijima grove, Miyanomori park, and some places around Fusa area
Participate artists
Mihoko Ishikawa, Tomoko Ueno, Michiyoshi Oikawa, OZ / Yamaguchi Keisuke, Itsuwo Kaneko, Kazunori Koyama, Takehiro Shibuya, Harumi Shimazu, Tadayuki Shimada, Kenji Someya, Tatsunori Fujii, Yoshiya Honma, Minako Matsueda, Yoko Matsubara

<Other countries>
Dieter Kunz (Germany/UK), Stefan Sakic (Germany/Austria), Armando Gomez (Mexico), Padungsak Kochsomrong (Thai), Emil Dobriban (Romania), Richard Annely (UK), Beni Altmueller (Austria), Deborah Charles (US)

The 15th Abiko International Open-Air Art Exhibition website

The 14th Abiko International Open-Air Art Exhibition

The 15th Abiko International Open-Air Art Exhibition brochure
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Related program

Workshop with pupils

24 Sep. 2012 (working), 22 Oct. 2012 (Exhibition)

Fusa elementary school and Fusa east elementary school

Participate artist
Yoko Matsubara

Pre event concert

26 Oct. 2012

Kohokuchiku kominkan hall

Participate artists
Yumiko Okawa (piano), Hanako Hiraishi (cello)

Opening Ceremony

27 Oct. 2012

Aijima Art Center

Lecture hiking (Artist talk)

27 Oct., 4 Nov. 2012

Exhibition spaces

Participate artists
all artists


Abiko Open-Air Art Exhibition Committee

In July 1998, Abiko open-air art exhibition Citizens and artists organized. This committee has a purpose to inform to very important nature and culture to citizens. This theme is smelling of fresh forest, water and culture and is making the art project every year. This committee is making the art project by himself. This committee uses the citizens' owner project system to change of consciousness.

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