Gallery talk by Bart Benschop and Leontine Lieffering

Youkobo Art Space

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Youkobo Art Space continues to run its core activities of the Artist-in-Residence (AIR) programs and non-profit gallery programs as well as promoting community art activities such as the 'Art Kids' artist workshop for children of the local school, and the open air art exhibition 'Trolls in the Park' which is held in the Zempukuji Park. As a "studio (kobo)" for "you", Youkobo respects and supports artists' initiatives and offers opportunities to the wider audience where they can experience and familiarize themselves with art. To date we have welcomed about 180 artists from 20 countries to take up residency and have held exhibitions of more than 150 Japan-based artists, serving as a space for international artistic exchange. Last year, Youkobo was able to overcome difficulties and celebrate its tenth anniversary in a year which coincided with the great earthquake. This year, it is our aim to continue steadily with the initiatives we have established so far, while also bringing about new developments in our future projects and activities.

In addition, residence and creative programs taking place between the different cultures of young artists based in The European Capital of Culture and Tokyo, organized by Youkobo Art Space and hosts in respective European Capital of Culture cities. Against the backdrop of the differing societies and cultural arts within mutual partner cities, it is an initiative inviting people working in the contemporary arts field to take opportunities for international exchange. In addition, in the realization of dispatching young artists from Japan to European Capitals of Culture, and through an understanding of the cultural capital system in Europe, it offers an important opportunity for considering the realities within Japan and Asia. This time, on the occasion of Kosce 2013, the mutual dispatch of artists from Kosce and Japan will be realized.

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About "ResArtis Tokyo 2012":

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Artist talk by Bart Benchop and Lentine Lieffering

Gallery Program

5-29 Apr. 2012Juka Araikawa, Mike HJ Chang, Xana Kudrjavcev-DeMilner, Yvan Martinez and Joshua Trees, Krister OlssonYoukobo gallery
3-13 May 2012Utako Watanabe
16-27 May 2012Miho Shirai, Harutaka Matsumoto, Taro Morimoto, Akiko & Masako Takada, Mineki Murata, Yu Hara, Aya Murakami, other
2-10 Jun. 2012Naoki Miyasaka
18-29 Jul. 2012Elizabeth Presa, Thea Rechner, Gaku Tsutaja, Utako Shindo
29 Aug. - 2 Sep. 2012Natsumi Sakamoto
5-23 Sep. 2012Joji Sato
4-14 Oct. 2012Yoshiko Maruyama, Kyougo Matsumoto, and other
20 Oct. - 4 Nov. 2012Julie Upmeyer, Youkobo Art Space
10-23 Nov. 2012Masami Aihara, Takahiro Ishii
30 Nov. – 9 Dec. 2012Emu Nagasaka, Yukako Izawa, Kyoko Shindo, others
17 Jan. - 3 Feb. 2013Tsutomu Ikegaya
7-17 Feb. 2013Mineo Yuuki
21 Feb. - 3 Mar. 2013Naoko Tamaki          
2-10 Mar. 2013Jaime Humphreys
7-17 Mar. 2013Maya Lama            

Rsdidence Program

DateArtistsVenue (All venues in Tokyo)
2 Apr. - 30 May 2012Saran Youkongdee (JENESYS PROGRAM)Youkobo AIR 2
4 Apr. - 29 Jun. 2012Bart BenschopYoukobo AIR 1
Leontine Lieffering
18 Jun. - 31 Jul. 2012Almut Rink & Christof SchlegelYoukobo AIR 2
3 Jul. - 30 Sep. 2012Catalina TucaYoukobo AIR 1
1 Aug. - 30 Sep. 2012Jeremy BakkerYoukobo AIR 2
1 Oct. - 2 Nov. 2012Francisco Guevara
1 Oct. - 30 Nov. 2012Julie UpmeyerYoukobo AIR 1
21 Oct. - 27 Nov. 2012Anat LitwinYoukobo AIR 2
2 Dec. 2012 - 28 Feb. 2013Nicholas BastinYoukobo AIR 1
1 Jan. - 30 Mar. 2013to be confirmed (Slovakia)Youkobo AIR 2

Related Program

21 Apr. 2012Critique sessionJuka Araikawa, Krister Olsson & othersYoukobo gallery (Tokyo)
28 Apr. - 6 May 2012Trolls in the Park: Children's Spring ExhibitionSaran Youkongdee, Momoshi 4th grade studentsMetropolitan Zempukuji Park (Tokyo)
Every 2nd Sat, May 2012 - Mar. 2013Art KidsJaime Humphreys, Momoshi 4th grade studentsMomoshi Elementary School (Tokyo)
6 May 2012Artist TalkUtako WatanabeYoukobo gallery (Tokyo)
12 May 2012Critique sessionUtako Watanabe & others
16 May 2012PerformanceHarutaka MatsumotoExterior of Youkobo (Tokyo)
9 Jun. 2012Critique sessionNaoki Miyasaka & othersYoukobo gallery (Tokyo)
20 Jun. 2012Improvisational performanceMarcos Fernandez
22-23 Jun. 2012Reading NightElizabeth Presa, Utako Shindo & others
26 Jul. 2012Critique sessionUtako Shindo & others
27 Jul. 2012Artist TalkAlmut Rink & Christof SchlegelYoukobo studio 2 (Tokyo)
7-16 Sep. 2012World Event for Young ArtistTakumi Kato, Manabu Kanai, Naoki MiyasakaNottingham Trent University (Notthingham, UK)
8 Sep. 2012Artist TalkJoji SatoYoukobo gallery (Tokyo)
4-23 Oct. 2012Microresidence Special ProgramFrancisco Guevara, Anat Litwin & othersYoukobo Art Space (Tokyo)
23-29 Oct. 2012GTS Sightseeing Art Project, Art Bridge 2012Sam StockerTobu Line's under railway Warehouse (Tokyo)
25-28 Oct. 2012Res Artis General MeetingTatsuhiko Murata, Julie UpmeyerTokyo Wonder Site (Tokyo)


Youkobo Art Space

Youkobo Art Space offers space for international exchange and cultural understanding through various activities such as exhibitions, workshops and lectures. The Artist-in-Residence Program aims to provide a unique platform for wide-ranging contemporary art where overseas artists can expand the scope of their activities in a supportive environment that encourages dialogue and meaningful exchange between artists and the surrounding community while they stay in an exciting city of Tokyo.

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