Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Ken Mai ケン五月

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Ken Mai ケン五月
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Butoh Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher and Yogi
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Ken Mai is a Japanese International Butoh artist and multiple artist based in Helsinki, Finland since 2006. He studied through Byakkosha Butoh Company members in Kyoto, Japan in beginning of 90`s and also studied with Butoh legend "Kazuo Ohno" in Yokohama, Japan 1995-2000. His background: Gymnastics, Martial arts, Acting, Ballet, Laban, German Expressionist Dance at Otoya Eguchi & Sumiko Modern Dance Company in Osaka, Japan beginning of 90`s, Zen Meditation practice in 16 years at Zen Monastery in Kyoto, Japan and also Studied Ancient Hatha Yoga at Patanjali Yoga foundation in Rishikesh, India. Ken Mai has been doing Butoh more than 30 years and has been performing and teaching more than 30 countries. His style of dance is very unique combining with his background.

Last update : 22 Mar. 2024


Solo "Swan Hymn" 2022
Photo by Timo Suutari

Solo "The Body Psalm" 2023
Photo by Magdalena Hałoń

Solo "Dyana/Meditation 2014
Photo by David Uriegas Photo

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