Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture


Thank you for visiting Meet Up ECoC! This is Q&A.
For inquiry, please contact us from here


How do I brouse my own page as an artist?

Search your name at “Artist Search” and your page will be shown.

How do I search for artists?

You can find artist information at “Artist Search”, and artists can be searched by name and genre.

Login issues

I would like to confirm if my SNS is linked to Meet Up ECoC! / I would like to disconnect the linkage

For Twitter: Please check the “Apps and Sessions” page from your account settings. If “Meet Up ECoC!” is listed under “Linked Apps,” the linkage has been completed. If you wish to cancel the linkage, select the app on the same screen and select “Cancel App Permission” from the details screen. The linkage can be canceled.


For Facebook: Select [Settings and Privacy] → [Settings] in the account settings, and [Apps and Websites] will appear on the menu screen (left side). Click on it, and if “Meet Up ECoC!” is listed in the list of linked apps, the linkage has been completed. To cancel the linkage, click [Delete] next to the name of the app or website.


For Google: Go to “Manage Google Account” and select “Security”. At the bottom of the page, there is a section titled “Third-party apps that can access your account” and click “Manage third-party access. If “Meet Up ECoC!” is listed under “Apps with access to your account,” the linkage is complete. To remove the linkage, click “Remove Access”.

I would like to log in with Google/SNS instead of e-mail address.

You can change the setting as you log in to “My Page”

I forgot my password.

You can request to reset your password from here ( ).

Enter your registered e-mail address and request for reset.
In case you forgot your registered e-mail address, go to your own
artist page and click on the e-mail icon to verify. If you are still
unsure, please contact the EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee

About My Page/Artist Page

What should be uploaded in the CV / There is a problem with the display of the CV

CYour CV (Curriculum Vitae/Activity History/Profile, etc.) can be downloaded and viewed by ECoC or overseas organizers. Make sure to include the names of exhibitions in which you have exhibited, your performance record, etc. in a PDF file. PDF data such as pamphlets that you usually use is fine.
We kindly ask you that this information should be updated once a year.

What should be my “representative work”, if they are from festivals and artist-in-residence programs?

We encourage you to register photos taken at the event or flyers of the exhibition as evidence of your activities.

What is “OGP”?

OGP or Open Graph Protocol refers to an image that is displayed when you share a link to our website on Facebook or Twitter.
On this website, profile images are displayed when artists share their individual pages on SNS, but if you would like to display an image other than your profile image (i.e., a photo of your work, etc.), please register an image for OGP from your My Page.

I cannot upload images and CV files

Please make sure you have not forgotten to press the blue “Select” button (No. 5) in the image below. After entering all the information, click the “Update Profile” button under the “CV Registration” field on the My Page to save your registration.
The screen will automatically reload when you click “Update Profile”.

I want to change the contact e-mail address from the registered address.

After entering the new contact information, press “Update Profile”. The change is complete if you receive a confirmation e-mail from us to your old e-mail account.

In case you forgot your registered e-mail address, go to your own artist page and click on the e-mail icon to verify or contact the EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee.

Although e-mail address will be changed, the password remains the same.

Contacting ECoC

How can I contact ECoC Organizers?

Should you be interested in contacting ECoC organizers, please contact the EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee.

Does this website has chat/messenger functions?

No. This platform is designed for ECoC/organizers to brouse artist information and directly contact artists.

Artists are more than welcome to contact other artists for new collaboration!


If there are any questions, feel free to contact the EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee (

If your questions are error-related issues, please provide:

brouzer (safari, chrome, edge etc)
URL of the page where error occurred
screen capture of the page, if possible