Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Ani Kiri-e Art

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Ani Ivanova
Position :
Kiri-e artist
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Hello, I'm creating Kiri-e for 8 years now, I have taken part in many events, and have organized a lot of events in Bulgaria, presenting Japanese culture and Kiri-e. Last year I was chosen to be part of the popular TV show "Who wants to go to Japan" because of my art. I really love to present the art of Kiri-e and make it more popular and teach people how to do it. For events I can make an exhibition to represent this art and the beauty of Japan. I also make workshops to show people how Kiri-e is made. I think I'm a good choice for an event guest for several reasons: 1. I'm a Bulgarian, so I can easily and cheaply travel to any country in Europe. 2. I speak English, so no translator from Japanese is needed. 3. I create a rare form of Japanese art, that has not been seen yet in many countries and people enjoy it very much.

Last update : 17 Sep. 2021


"Momiji forest near the Castle"
Washi One Layered Kiri-e

"Sitting here with the Camellias"
Multi Layered Colorful Kiri-e

"Kiri-e Asagao Uchiwa"
Original Japanese Uchiwa with Kiri-e decoration

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