Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Sayoko Onishi [Man'ok & Cie]

Contact person :
Emmanuel Fleitz
Position :
Artistic coordinator
Link :
The choreographer and dancer of the French theater company Man\'ok & Cie. The main artist in the project of Eden Europa for the Esch 2022 / Luxembourg. She received different international prizes as a solist and performed reknowend places in Europe, Japan and China. And she founded, her original style of dance, New Butoh. Her style is influenced by Butoh. However it blends with the disciplines of Taichi, Chigong, contemporary dance and her experience of collaborations with variety of international artists. Thats the unification of East and West. Today, New Butoh is a resistered trademark. In 2020, the city of Puglia invited her to open the official school of New butoh.

Last update : 30 May. 2022


\"Mishima, l\'angelo delnulla\", by Sayoko Onishi

\"Vu, revu & transformé\", by Sayoko Onishi, Emmanuel Fleitz and Melting Pol [MA3 - Move Art Three]

\"MA2 Experience\", by Sayoko Onishi and Emmanuel Fleitz [Man\'ok & Cie]

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