Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Ouka Magari / Wa Culture International Communication

Contact person :
Ouka Magari
Position :
Representative・Japanese Calligraphy Artist
Representative Wa Culture International Communication. Japanese Calligraphy Artist, The Royal Society of British Artist, The member of International Peace Art Association and The Agency for Cultural Affairs\'s Kyoto relocation commemorative project event Artist. Kado Ikebana Ikenobo style flower arrangement master.

Last update : 28 Mar. 2024


Ka Sho」
Good Luck Sign

「溫故知新 On Ko Chi Shin
~150 Portraits of world History~」
World Peace Art Exhibition 2022 at the UNESCO Paris Headquarters in France.
Learning lessons from the past makes our brighter future.
Learn the wisdom of our ancestors from Japanese Kanji or history,and rediscovering new meanings and values leads to quality education.
Let\'s offer everyone a real education from the classics and traditions!

I supported the Agency for Cultural Affairs Kyoto relocation commemorative event, my work exhibition 2023 in Ginza,Tokyo.

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