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Chihiro ITO

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Chihiro ITO

Position :
Aritst (painter/video aritst/performer)


Chihiro Ito Profile Born in 1980. Grow up in Tokyo. Live in New York City. Contemporary Painter/Film Artist. Chihiro’s Parents are sculptors. Sister is Dancer. Graduate to Musashino Art University(Tokyo). Chihiro did exhibition at Gallery and Museum and Alley, Farm in Tokyo, France, Portugal (Invited artist of Guimaraes 2012 “European Capital of Culture” [2012], Rep. Serbia (Invited from NPO Japan Yugo Art Project [12, 14]), Rep. Cyprus (Invited from Home for Cooperation as Pafos 2017 ”European Capital of Culture”[2017]), China. Rep. Korea, America (Grant and Half Grant of Annual Asian Award of Vermont Studio Center & Queens Museum/NYC). Director of Asagaya Art Streets & Panphagia. Winner of 32nd Holbein Scholarship(Japan). Winner of Program of Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists/US-Japan Creative Arts Fellowship(USA/Japan). Winner of Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists sponsored by Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, which sends out artists of proven talent abroad in 2018. The Master Art Prize Winner.(Paris, France) “I think, when man’s eye and dog’s eye are same, art is born.” 伊藤知宏(いとうちひろ)プロフィール:  1980年生まれ。阿佐ヶ谷育ちの新進現代美術家、画家、映像作家。武蔵野美術大学造形学部油絵科卒業。日本政府から助成金を得てニューヨークへ渡米。東京、欧米を中心に活動。Vermot Studio Center(アメリカ)のAsian Annual Awardを受賞。東京、フランス、ポルトガル(Guimaranes 2012、欧州文化首都招待〈2012〉、O da Casa!招待〈2012、13、15〉、CAAA招待〈14、15、16、17、18〉)、セルビア共和国(NPO日本・ユーゴアートプロジェクト招待〈12、14〉)、キプロス共和国(Home for Cooperation招待)中国、韓国、アメリカを中心にギャラリー、美術館、路地やカフェギャラリー、畑などでも作品展を行う。文化庁新進芸術家海外研修制度研修員(2018-19)および日米芸術家交換計画日本側派遣芸術家。The Master Art Prize 1位受賞(パリ・フランス)。フルクサスの研究も行う。近年は花、野菜、音や“そこにあるものをえがく”と題してその場所にあるものをモチーフに絵を描く。 “人と犬の目が一つになったときに作品が出来ると思う。” 


Title: Soundscape 冬景色(Winter Land Scape)
Material: Paint, Wall Paper, E.t.c
Size: 10000×3000(mm)×4
Date: 28/January,2004
Place: Musashino Art University Gallery

Project 1: Soundscape

This series begins with me collecting samples of familiar sights via such forms as sketching and photographing. Though the contents may differ for each work, those samples, for example, are transformed into motifs and depicted on the support so that they overlap, similar to sounds that overlap within a given period of time. Repetitively painted motifs turn into symbols and are composed so that they function like a graphic notation. The symbols that derive from the respective motifs can represent various different sounds. Thus, if the symbols were to be repeatedly played with an instrument, they would become a repetitive piece of music.

Some simple rules, as follow, are necessary for a viewer to decipher my graphic notations:
1. Decide what sounds are to be applied to each motif in the painting.
2. Decide whether the time represented horizontally proceeds from left to right, or vice versa. Then apply loud sounds to large motifs, and soft sounds to small motifs.
3. The symbols for high-pitched sounds are drawn in the upper part of the painting, and those for low-pitched sounds are depicted in the lower part.

These rules are not strict, fixed rules.

In addition, in comparison to traditional landscapes and still-life paintings, the unique forms of my paintings make it easier to convey senses of smell and life that can be perceived from beyond the surfaces. This feature is one of the unique elements of this series.

Title: Revenge of Vesitable -On the Farm-
Size: 6000×2200(mm)
Material: Cloths, Paint, E.t.c.
Place: Luna Gallery (Sweden, Stockholm)


Chihiro Ito solo exhibition 
Date: 2017/6/10-25
Size: 6000×1500(mm)
Place: GALLERY DEN5 (Tokyo, Japan)

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