Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Chihiro ITO

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Chihiro ITO
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Aritst (painter/video aritst/performer)
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Chihiro ITO is a Japanese painter and multi-media artist. He was born in Tokyo where studied painting at Musashino Art University, also He took a continuing education writing course at the School of Visual Arts. He was an invited artist at European Capital of Culture events in Portugal, Cyprus and Serbia. In 2018 he received a grant from the Japanese government to come to the US where he began documenting the remaining living artists associated with Fluxus. He encountered the Artist Jonas Mekas during NYC visit. After these experiences, he began to make experimental films and poetry. He is the recipient of a Holbein award (2017), NYFA grant (2021), Robert Rauschenberg Foundation grant (2021), award from Monira Foundation(2022), Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts(2022), BronxArtSpace(2022), The Poetry Project(2022). He got award to participate to Creative Rebuild New Yorks first basic income project for the New York Artist also. His activities are MoMA PS1, Governors Island, Pioneer Works, Queens Museum, Mizuma & Kips gallery etc. In his art he looks for the poetry opportunity in ordinary objects and everyday experiences to connect people across geopolitical boundaries. He immigrated to NYC.

Last update : 11 Oct. 2023


Title: Soundscape 冬景色(Winter Land Scape)
Material: Paint, Wall Paper, E.t.c
Size: 10000×3000(mm)×4
Date: 28/January,2004
Place: Musashino Art University Gallery

Project 1: Soundscape

This series begins with me collecting samples of familiar sights via such forms as sketching and photographing. Though the contents may differ for each work, those samples, for example, are transformed into motifs and depicted on the support so that they overlap, similar to sounds that overlap within a given period of time. Repetitively painted motifs turn into symbols and are composed so that they function like a graphic notation. The symbols that derive from the respective motifs can represent various different sounds. Thus, if the symbols were to be repeatedly played with an instrument, they would become a repetitive piece of music.

Some simple rules, as follow, are necessary for a viewer to decipher my graphic notations:
1. Decide what sounds are to be applied to each motif in the painting.
2. Decide whether the time represented horizontally proceeds from left to right, or vice versa. Then apply loud sounds to large motifs, and soft sounds to small motifs.
3. The symbols for high-pitched sounds are drawn in the upper part of the painting, and those for low-pitched sounds are depicted in the lower part.

These rules are not strict, fixed rules.

In addition, in comparison to traditional landscapes and still-life paintings, the unique forms of my paintings make it easier to convey senses of smell and life that can be perceived from beyond the surfaces. This feature is one of the unique elements of this series.

Title: Revenge of Vesitable -On the Farm-
Size: 6000×2200(mm)
Material: Cloths, Paint, E.t.c.
Place: Luna Gallery (Sweden, Stockholm)


Chihiro Ito solo exhibition 
Date: 2017/6/10-25
Size: 6000×1500(mm)
Place: GALLERY DEN5 (Tokyo, Japan)

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