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Yasushi Muromachi (Businessman and Opera singer/ASK Opera Theater)

Contact person :
Yasushi Muromachi

Position :
Co-producer and Vice President


I am a businessman and an opera singer. I work for an US based company as a marketing manager and at the same time I sing in various opera productions and concerts. I also have produced opera gala concert series in the past and launched my own opera company called "ASK Opera Theater" in 2019. We invite not only prestigious opera singers but also young talented opera singers so that we can provide them opportunities to work with their "mentors" and learn what they need to become experienced opera singers. This is a very important part of my lifetime "experiment" of how and where a businessman can reach as an opera singer and a producer. My goal in a few years is to bring our opera production to Europe and perform with mixed casts of European and Japanese singers.


"Die Fledermaus", ASK Opera Theater, 2019.

Recital, 2019.

"Carmen", 2017.

Curriculum vitae

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