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Since March 2020, the event has been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. ---------------------------------- The Balkan Peninsula is the first and last Europe. It is hidden gastronomic area for most Japanese. Locals say, every best things come from home-made. From the Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern Europe, the pop-up restaurant Serbian Night serves regional cuisine and wine. There are no borders on the table. Let us toast with rakjia and talk through the night.


An article introducing the „Balkan Bento“ which I created was published in the Serbian magazine „Politika“ published in September 2020.

How to make Balkan Bento:
Japanese people carry their lunch in small boxes called „Bento“.
Inspired by Japanese „Omusubi Bento“, „Balkan Bento“ is made by packing side dishes in lepinja.
Cut lepinja half and make hole. Then put inside anything you like. On that day I put 1.Salata od Jaja 2.paradajz salata 3.Jetrena Pašteta i Krompir Salata 4.Slanina i Ajvar.
Sometimes I put Čevapčići into it, too.

What is „Omusubi“.
„Omusubi“ (sometimes it called „Onigiri“, too) is a Japanese traditional food which which made from white rice.
We usually put filling in the center and shape the rice into a round or triangle shape and wrap with sea weed.
Traditional fillings are pickeld plum, grilled salmon, kelp, cod roe and so on.
Nowadays we have more variety of filling such as flaked tuna mixed with mayo and Tempura shrimp are popular. you can also find rice ball wrapped by sliced beef not by sea weed.
I think I can put ajvar or urnebes in it, too.

From Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture. The concept of „reverse of change in attendance“ that represents the relationship between migration and tourism.
2016 Daikan-yama Spring Flower Festival
Embassy bazaar of the Republic of Serbia-Tokyo 2016
Marukan Department Store Reconstruction Support Association „Yale to take over from Tokyo! “-
Balkan bento at „Tsunakan”, a fisherman’s inn in Kesennuma
Japanese Serbian Film Festival Tokyo Screening

Republic of Serbia National Day Celebration and Social Gathering
„Serbian-Japanese Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition - LIFE and DEATH~“ Reception
„Wanking Belgrade“ Reception at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia
Welcome back Japan party of Hiroshi and Kayoko Yamazaki
Embassy bazaar of the Republic of Serbia-Tokyo 2017
„Taste of Tokyo” in Rinkai-Fukutoshin 2017
International City Ota Festival in „Sky Day“ Haneda
Sports Day Event at Shinagawa General Gymnasium
Shonan-Bellmare International Day
Serbian wine „Toplicki Vinogradi“ introduction event
Japan Serbian Film Festival Tokyo Screening 2017 Pre-Event

Republic of Serbia National Day Celebration and Social Gathering
Japan-Serbia Association General Assembly and Social Gathering
Embassy bazaar of the Republic of Serbia-Tokyo 2018
Shonan-Bellmare International Day
Recital banquet of Young Serbian pianist Ivan Ivan Bašić
Reception commemorating the publication of „Serbian Cuisine with Jelena“
Recital banquet of Japanese and Serbian music by Shinobue and Accordion
Serbian cuisine and music event

Republic of Serbia National Day Celebration and Social Gathering
„Taste of Sarajevo” in Kokoshiba
Japan-Serbia Association General Assembly Banquet
Serbian Music Festival 2019 Banquet
Celebrating Easter with Serbian cuisine and folk dances
„Beautiful Serbia” Get Balkan country to know through Cuisine.
JC Tokyo „International Fes 2019”
„Taste of the Danube Basin” in Koko-shiba
„Taste of Serbian Wine, Dessert and Kagoshima Beef” at Niki-ya
Japan Silk Road Performing Arts Association Open House Party
Reception of European Capital of Culture - Galway 2020, Novi Sad 2021 - Presentation and Networking Event
Reception banquet of the „Evening with Three Pianists”
Reception banquet of Serbian Folk Music by “Fugo”
„Learn World News through Cuisine, Serbia“ hosted by Mainichi Shinbun

Crowdfunding Projects
„Serbian Night – Know Serbia through Cuisine”
Nov 2015 Travel Report / Feb 2016 Winter Taste / Apr 2016 Spring Taste / Jul 2016 Summer Taste / Dec 2016 Travel Report / Feb 2017 Winter Taste / May 2017 Spring Taste / Jul 2017 Summer Taste

Pop-ups at Kamakura
@Yuigahama Fiesta
Jun 2017 / July 2017 / Aug 2017/ Sep 2017 / Oct 2017 /Nov 2017
Serbian Night and Day @Ishiwatari’s House (2nd Anniversary)
Nov 2017
@Misaki, Miura Peninsula
Dec 2017
@Kamakura Sombe Cafe
Jan 2018 / Feb 2018 / Mar 2018 [Talk Show: Hiroshi Mizuno, Sakura Koprina] / Apr 2018 [Talk Show:Yuko Yoshikai] / May 2018 [Talk show:Zen Chida] / Jun 2018 [Talk Show:Yuko Mori] / Jul 2018 / Aug 2018 / Sep 2018 / Oct 2018 / Nov 2018 / Dec 2018 / Jan 2019 / Feb 2019

Pop-ups at Shibuya
Jul 2018 / Aug 2018 / Sep 2018 / Oct 2018 / Jan 2019 / Feb 2019 / Mar 2019 / May 2019【Cheers for Serbia!】 / Jun 2019 / Jul 2019 / Aug 2019 / Aug 2019 / Sep 2019【Balkan Night】/ Oct 2019 / Nov 2019【Balkan wine and Rakija Night】/ Nov 2019【Balkan Night】/ Dec 2019 / Jan 2020 / Jan 2020【Balkan Night】 / Feb 2020

Jun 2017 Serbian Night-meets-Cocktail Bar Nemanja
Jan 2018 First Balkan cookbook publication commemoration ★ Serbian Night Balkan tour
Feb 2018 The World of Stitches-Palestinian Embroidery OBI Exhibition with Serbian Night-
Apr 2018 The Secret of Edison’s rival, Tesla ★ Serbian Night Balkan Tour

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