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Yukiko Iwatani

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Yukiko Iwatani

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I respect and love plants as cohabitants living together with us on this beautiful earth. My art pieces are made with common wild plants found around us. I focus on the charm of the plants that people do not usually notice and I make small delicate sculptures, video work and Installation art with them. Sometimes, I incorporate the history or stories of the exhibition place into my artwork. Some of my recent exhibitions are the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale in Nigata, Japan(2015), and the Biwako Biennale in Shiga, Japan(2018). I also participated in the Rokko Meets Art in Hyogo, Japan(2019) where I won the grand prize. Outside Japan, I participated in the exhibition "Moving Plants" at the Rønnebæksholm Art Museum in Næstved, Denmark in the summer of 2017. At that time, I stayed one month and made my artwork with plants from around the museum.


This cup was made naturally by joining wool yarn with the hooks found on the spines of Onamomi seeds.

Rokko Meets Art in Hyogo, Japan (2019)
I made various artworks with plants living on Rokko Mountain. I set them up at 16 places inside
the Rokko Cable Sanjo Station. This string was made by tying maple seed stalks together.

Biwako Biennale in Shiga, Japan (2018)
I exhibited at an old merchant’s house. A lot of things were left in that house. Those
things tell the life of the family who lived there before World War Ⅱ. I made my artwork
with those things and with plants collected from around the house.

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