Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Midori Mitamura

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Midori Mitamura
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Visual artist
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"Dramas which people can venture into" My installations are structured by diverse presentations using various materials such as photos, images, music, language, and found objects that lost those original functions. Also, they represent "dramas which people can venture into" and reflect their inner stories into my artworks. My critical point of views try to reveal various issues among our societies, human lives and histories in my installations and they depict incomprehensible intertwining of personal consciousness that freely travels back and forth between the boundaries of reality and fiction. Drawn by emotions extracted from people living in foreign countries, people who lived in the past, and the people around me, I mirror the absence of erstwhile memories that are drifting around. Trails of awkward endearing emotions that are close to everyone's lives beyond any cultural differences and borders just appear there.

Last update : 13 Jan. 2022


Solo Exhibition 2018
"If not there, I'm somewhere else."
Galeria Manuel Ojeda, Gran Canaria, Spain

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