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Foundation Modern Puppet Center

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Nao Sakata


Foundation Modern Puppet Center was founded in 1968 by Puppet Theater Hitomiza. The Center has engaged with traditional puppetry as well as modern puppet performances; it has introduced and invited puppet shows in Japan and other countries; it has produced original puppet shows, workshops, and exhibitions. The goal of the Center is; to publicize the art of puppetry and its extreme attractiveness; to create puppet shows and to pursuit deeper artistry in the genre; and, to establish the role of puppetry in the society.


Hitomiza Otome Bunraku Ⓒ Kaori Kumagai

Deaf Puppet Theater Hitomi Ⓒ Hitoshi Furuya

Hitomiza Otome Bunraku Ⓒ Hitoshi Furuya

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Last update : 16 Nov. 2020