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Volunteer Bridge Project

Contact person :
Mayumi Taniguchi / Daisuke Kitagawa

Position :
Director・Volunteer Coordinator / Administrative Manager


Volunteer Bridge Project is an organization dispatching and Receiving volunteers among European Capital of Culture and Japan, started in 2018 collaborating with EU Japan Fest Japan Committee and supporting by Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. We are aiming for sharing an opportunity of developing ourselves through volunteering, and for making country, society and our community more connected and active.


Dispatching Japanese volunteers to ECoC.
We dispatched 5 Japanese volunteers to Matera(Italy, ECoC2019) and 8 Japanese volunteers to Plovdiv (Bulgaria, ECoC2019).
At Sibiu International Theatre Festival (Romania, ECoC2007) we continue collaboration dispatching Japanese volunteers after a 10-year EUJF programme as a legacy project.

Receiving ECoC volunteers to Japan.
We received volunteers from Matera, Plovdiv and Novi Sad (Serbia, ECoC2021) at Tokyo Festival 2019 outdoor performance.
And receiving volunteers from Sibiu (Romania, EcoC 2007) at Takayama Autumin Festival.

Networking among volunteer coordinator for expanding possibility to volunteers.
We are trying to create network among volunteer coordinators in order to share our experiences as a big scale project coordination and to expand the possibility for volunteers.

Sibiu International Theatre Festival 2019Volunteering Programme We are looking forward to meeting you at FITS 2020 International Volunteering Programme ✨Let’s enjoy volunteering & smiling😃Thank you for your wonderful video.©️Magu Sumita (FITS 2019 International volunteer)

FITS International Volunteering Programmeさんの投稿 2020年1月18日土曜日

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