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Kisaburo(Kimono Designer) Kisaburo is in training as the fourth generation tailor of “Iwamoto Was”, a kimono tailor’s shop, which started its business 90 years ago. He was named after Kisaburo Iwamoto, the founder of “Iwamoto Wasai”, who brought innovation to the kimono industry. The younger Kisaburo is aiming to break down the boundaries between Japanese and Western clothing as well as between men’s and women’s clothing. The goal is to create outfits that accept anyone as they really are, and release everybody form stereotypes. Became a partner of FOGHORN, a Japanese agent for creators in April, 2019, also inaugurated as a fellow for PANASONIC 100BANCH. Made a kimono for Shogi(Japanese Chess)Champion, Yoshiharu Habu for his tournament final. Exhibition : U.S.A(SXSW), ITALY(JAPAN WEEK), FRANCE(DUE CUORE), BRAZIL(FASHION INTL CONFERENCE), TAIWAN(日本排隊美食展) & more. Collaboration : LUPIN THE THIRD×ISETAN, KIMETSU NO YAIBA(ANIPLEX)×KISABURO &「LIFE! (Ninja sequence)」, a program from NHK(Japanese National Broadcast System)×KISABURO.

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Last update : 06 Feb. 2020