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Kazufumi Nagano

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Director Nagano Kazufumi established a new theatrical company called Ikenoshita Theatrical Company in January 1996 in order to search for new horizons where drama and butoh intertwine. Ikenoshita began staging a series of the early works by Terayama Shūji in August 1996. Unique approaches distinguish these events from previous productions of works of Terayama. The company staged Terayama’s works rarely performed in the past, such as ʻThe Count’s Daughter’, ʻKikuko Kotakagari and her Seven Deadly Sins’, ‘Blue beard’, ‘Adam and Eve and my Criminology’, and thus provided new insights into the unknown world of Terayama. Ikenoshita regards plays as festivals of poems, bodies and sounds and has created a unique, concentrated space in small theatres such as Tiny Alice and Nakano the Pocket. The company performed ‘The Hunchback of Aomori’, at an event called ʻBody as Heteromorphy’ in Aichi Art Theatre, in January 1999, and participated in the spring festival of Tokyo Globe Theatre where it staged ‘The Castle of Blue Beard’ in March 1999. These performances were the first steps of a project named ‘Program to present all of Shuji Terayama’s works’ which will continue into the posterity. The themes of the project are how the world of the writer Terayama Shūji is linked to the present time, and to search how the dynamism of words in Terayama’s work stimulates actor’s bodies, and how the world of the writer is given life on the stage. By performing all of Terayama’s plays, Ikenoshita reveals the whole phenomenon called Terayama Shūji. Experimental features of Terayama’s works give various assignments to the actors physically. As explained above, Ikenoshita is working on discovering new veins from the inherited texts. The company searches for new plays produced using different concepts with the best prose. The works of Mishima Yukio and Izumi Kyōka, etc., have been performed at our workshop and are scheduled to be included in our performances.


Oct 7-10, 2019:
“Education for Madmen” presented in Poland (Author: Shuji Terayama / Art: Kazufumi Nagano)
Theatre: The Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre
Theatre: Grotowski Institute in Wrocław

Dec 14-17, 2017: 
Ikenoshita MISHIMA project “Aoinoue” and “Hanjo” (Author: Yukio Mishima / Art: Kazufumi Nagano)
Theatre: Esorabako
©Nobuyuki Kagamida

Mar 17-21, 2007:
The nineteenth performance “Ekibyou Ryukouki” (Author: Shuji Terayama / Art: Setsu Asakura)
Theatre: Theatre1010
©Nobuyuki Kagamida

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