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Sapporo Children's Theater "Yamabikoza"

Contact person :
Nio Matsuda

Position :
Volunteer Coordinator


*Please check CV about the detail of this volunteering program. --------------------------- Sapporo is known as a city enthusiastic about puppet theater, a place where Japan's first public puppet theater “Kogumaza” opened in 1976, and where another public children’s theater, "Yamabikoza" opened in 1988. “Yamabiko” boasts the only troupe of traditional Ningyo Joururi in Hokkaido, called “Ashiriza”. Those theaters have been devoted to fostering puppeteers from children to parents’ generation, and through puppet theater have created a place where citizens of different generations can express their creativity, and contribute to developing children’s cultures. Sapporo has many active puppeteers, not only professional but also semi-professional and amateur, from traditional to contemporary works. Every February, Yamabikoza and Kogumaza produce an outdoor puppet show that is directed by Noriyuki Sawa, who is a puppeteer based in the Czech Republic. Many local creators and children participate in this project. The Volunteer Bridge Project (VBP), collaborating with the EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee, has supported a program of sending Japanese volunteers to European Capitals of Culture, as well as a program of hosting foreign volunteers in Japan. Through that volunteering program, VBP has been providing opportunities of exchange and discoveries for the younger generation in this global society. In 2021, Yamabikoza and Kogumaza will collaborate with the Volunteer Bridge Project to conduct a volunteer exchange with European Capitals of Culture. In this international volunteering program, organized in partnership with the Volunteer Bridge Project, Sapporo citizens and international volunteers will collaborate to the production of a puppet play, while mutually stimulating creativity and enjoying the rich interactions generated in the process of producing art. We hope that this initiative, and the possibilities which will be brought by the connection between Sapporo and the European Capitals of Culture, will in the future lead to further development of children's cultures.


Sapporo Winter Outdoor Puppet Show "Marsuka" Volunteering program

Sapporo Winter Outdoor Puppet Show "Marsuka" Volunteering program

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