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My Identity is made between online and offline.I was so different there.I was trolling my friend\\\'s blog,and pretending female in chat rooms.I had been struggling with that double myself,coulde be called double life. So I\\\'m researching that conversion internet scape into offline.Those society is regarded as separate,so thier behavior is different.But both are real.That shows contemporary society.


This item features UV prints of my own faces from several years on a stone like a tombstone, and left for the future.
I\\\'ve been collecting my daily skins with a 2d scanner for several years.You can easily remove detail on your face with a filter like Instagram even cameras have high resolution.It is a conflict between ideal and technology.However, I miss my ugly pores because it\\\'s also my identity at the same time.I can\\\'t find my identity online.

Our selfies are becoming disconnected from reality with filter like overexposure or instagram.It hides detail as our ideal even camera got high resolution which can show their pores.Our desire and development has opposite direction.It shows conflict of ideal and technology.
Besides,they use their virtual avatar in vr.So what does our body mean?
I had complex about my pores and acnes of face.That let me start thinking about myself.
I scan my face to record my complex everyday because it\\\'s also my identity.
But scanned face looks restriction by technology.I need to keep putting face in square scanner to fill when I scan.Our body is limited by technology like hand attached iPhone.

In the plant version, I trying to give the image a life by planting it as if it were alive. And it died sooner than humans, made me love this one like pet.

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Last update : 14 Nov. 2021