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Akiko Kitamura

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Akiko Kitamura

Position :
choreographer, director


Where there is no common language, gestures and breath, even meaningless sounds become the rhythm of conversation. Recenly her focus is to research about rhythm of the land and body vocabulary for contemporary dance learning from the local community of the land. Since 2011- Akiko Kitamura creates experimental works inspired by the artists and culture she encounters during her research of traditional dance, music, rituals, and martial arts in various regions of south and south-east Asia. The latest work is “Rhymes of Soil”. Any place has its own pulse-a heartbeat, a rhythm-that is tied to the land, the soil. It is an innate pulse that is passed down from generation to generation through the daily life, music, and rituals of a particular place. It was also here that she rediscovered the richness of dialogue embodied with this inherited rhythm. These local rhythms are absorbed, pulsate, and bring forth memories that unite the heart, mind, and body. When these different pulses from different places come together, mix, and melt into one, they surpass any particular culture, language, or nationality. They become the seeds that bloom into “The Future Asia.” Cross Transit project is an experimental work incorporating these different pulses from within Asia. Just as Butoh has defined the act of "becoming something" as one of the dance vocabulary, Kitamura is exploring the development of dance vocabulary by focusing on the phenomenon of "possession" and "trance" in community ritutal rites. Akiko Kitamura proceeds another project with Ireland from 2020 for Galway 2020.


Cross Transit project \"voxsoil\"/Hiroyasu Daido

Cross Transit project “Rhymes of Soil” /Hiroyasu Daido

Cross Transit project \"voxsoil\"/Hiroyasu Daido

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