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Association for Promoting Japanese Culture through Rakugo

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角崎悦子 Etsuko Tsunozaki


[Sanyutei Rakumaro Rakugo Performance in Novi Sad, European Capital of Culture 2021] We plan to organize Rakugo performances by a Rakugo-master, Sanyutei Rakumaro, in Novi Sad. Rakugo is a Japanese traditional comic telling performance by a single person, sitting on a cushion and using only a fan and a Japanese handkerchief as auxiliary tools. Rakumaro has an extensive experience of performing in foreign countries and thus has the expertise to make people of different backgrounds appreciate Rakugo. He is not only to perform comic stories but also give a brief lecture on the culture of Edo era. The ordinary people in Edo era enjoyed Rakugo, an important aspect of culture of that time, and it is still enjoyed by many people, including the young. As the opening act of Rakugo performance, we plan to introduce Japanese songs of Edo era by a soprano singer and a pianist. They will also explain about the musical instruments used in Rakugo performances to let the audience become more familiar with Edo culture. The proposed project aims to promote the Japanese culture to the people in Europe through Rakugo and to contribute to further understanding of Japan and Japanese culture, and eventually to strengthen friendship between Japan and Europe, including Serbia.


Rakugo performance in Vladivostok

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Last update : 15 Jun. 2021