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Sansuzu Tsuruzawa

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Sansuzu Tsuruzawa


I am a syamisen player of Gidayu-bushi. Gidayu-bushi is the musical narrative of the puppet theatre established by Takemoto Gidayu in the late 17C in Japan. Joryu-gidayu is a female reciter of Gidayu-bushi. Men can perform for a puppet playing, but the women cannot do it, so women has continued stage activity only by the musical performance without puppet playing for a long time. Gidayu -bushi is so dramatical music that its expression is full of variety and filled with energy. Nowadays, recitations by joryu-gidayu can be enjoyed in various venues in addition to the performances held regularly, and the base of fans and supporters has gradually expanded.

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Last update : 24 Feb. 2020