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FuGo is a duo in Serbia which plays various artistic tunes from the Balkans and Japan. It consists of Fumiko (Japan) and Hugo (Serbia), FuGo is a great example of the fact that Japan and Serbia, two distant countries with different cultures and languages, can understand and cooperate with each other. Through our performance, we hope that people enjoy music and culture beyond the boundaries.


[Vlaska oluja (LIVE)]去年の11月の東京でのFuGoのコンサートの様子です。コンサートにお越しくださいましたお客様がた、そしてコンサート開催にご尽力くださいました全ての皆様に心より感謝申し上げます。Snimak i slike sa naseg koncerata u Tokiju, 2019.Zahvaljujem se svima koji su dosli na koncerte i koji su pomogli njihovu rezlizaciju i nas dolazak u Japan.

Fumiko Takeshitaさんの投稿 2020年3月6日金曜日

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