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Erina Nagai

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Yamanekodan is a dance-based performance group formed by dancers, musician, illustrator, designer, artists and sceneshifter. We have produced several theatrical pieces since its beginning, and now we are shifting our main activities to offering workshops. We offer workshops for not only for children but for adults and elders. We\'ve been working with public theaters and produced several theater pieces in which public aged 18 to 83 participated. We can offer workshops in Japanese / English.


A theater piece produced by Yamanekodan and Kobe Art Village Center (Hyogo).
Public participated. 2018
Ⓒ Sayaka Nitta

A workshop performance with children from foster home.

From Yamanekodan's master piece "YND is coming". 2014 at Kanazawa 21st Century Museum.
Ⓒ Tomoyuki Kobayashi

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