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Tomo Sone

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Tomo Sone

Position :
Choreographer, Performer


Hello. I am Tomo Sone, working as an independent choreographer and performer internationally. I am writing here because I am looking for the places to present my new solo work. The work is 30 mins length and suitable for the shared evening. Please check the trailer of informal showing: ( Password : 22222 ) In this piece, I am reflecting some subjects in the society to the relationship between dancer, choreographer and audience. I prefer to perform in bigger space (about 8x10m) and on dance floor with linoleum. If you are interested in watching a full video of the piece, please contact me from Email. I would like to send a description of the piece and my full CV. I will be glad if you are interested in my new work and we can talk about it. Thank you!! Tomo Sone


An Empty Chair
Kyoto Art Center (Kyoto, Japan)
Photo : Daiji Inoue

Las Meninas
Suzanne Dellal Center (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Photo : Gadi Dagon

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Last update : 09 Apr. 2020