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Hiroki Doi

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Hiroki Doi

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Born in Kagawa, Japan, 1991. Studying architecture in my undergraduate and start my creation as an artist after graduation. Participated in a residency program of BankART, Yokohama. My works are an experiments of installation and performance by using foodstuffs or natural phenomena. It`s based on idea of “beautiful be perishable” For example the salt is reacting humidity and oil oxidize by air. Extracting trivial phenomenon in everyday life like these, I create a space of “realizing” something. An experience in the space makes obscure a boundary between knowing and unknowing. I present joyful feeling of the realizing and tolerance for ignorance.


This work is for morment. We can’t see time’s flow. But it’s definitely there.
At this space, someone can concretely feel the flow by falling salt.
As time goes by, salt pile up on floor and get harder by the humidity.
Performance begin on there. Body dances within. For making sure more strongly.
​Collaboration dancer “Haru”

This work uses the nature of combustion.
It looks like domino.
It dedicated to time.

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