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yumi song


I make installations. " Unlike how artists or architects may draw a complete plan of the tower of Babel, I cannot instruct on what is the future of our ideal, or to change where people are heading by drawing. However, if each one of us can recognize ourselves, even if the vector of one's foot can move slightly, then, there'll be a big change in the word ahead. I believe Art and Architecture can contribute this small, yet important accomplishment to the world. "


Title: Spirits or reverberation phenomenon, It’s ECCO
Year: 2007
Size: variable
Material/medium: mixt media, installation
Venue: Shinshu International Music Village, Nagano, Jpn
Director: Akio Minamimura
Brief outline: It is commission work with Shinshu international museum villege. The technic is not illution. The work is static, not dynamic. Depending on how your brain and eye muscles are used, what you see changes.

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