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Michiyasu Furutani

Contact person :
Michiyasu Furutani

Position :
choreographer, dancer, performer


Hello dear organizers, My name is Michiyasu Furutani. I live and work in Berlin. I am interested in collaborating with diverse genre/space/time not only within the artistic region but also in the scientific field and so forth. Below, you can find my short bio. If you like to know further information, please see the attached documents: my recent works, a statement, and a CV. Let's meet up there! ----------- Born in Osaka, Japan, Michiyasu Furutani is a choreographer, performer, and dancer whose work and expression grow from Butoh technique and practice. He studied for theater act in Nihon University College of Art in Tokyo and finished Master course „Solo/Dance/Authorship“ at HZT Berlin in 2019.


Direction: Michiyasu Furutani
Composition: Adam Goodwin
Performance: Adam Goodwin, Caroline Cecilia Tallone, Sofia Borges, Michiyasu Furutani Costume: Lisa Simpson
Light Design: Hanna Kritten Tangsoo
Tutorship: Sandra Noeth
Mentorship: Antja Kennedy, Margit Schild
“I8” is a presentation based on a notation system with performative movements supported by live musical acts and movable objects. The notation has two aspects, the first being a notation for movements guided by a research of “Motif notation” and the other based on musical notation, which are merged in to one. All movements by the performers consist of multiple physical acts focused on the effect of gravitational force, reflecting the theoretical research of gravity. “I8” examines how we subconsciously rely on gravity, which sustains our life and behavior literally and figuratively, and unfolds an emotional state through its dynamism. The project also incorporates instant body movements that collaborate with impromptu sounds, and explores a boundary between foreseen and unforeseen events, which exists not only in notation, but also in life.

Concept/Design/Creation/Performance by Malte Hirsbrunner and Michiyasu Furutani
“BUBBLE” examines the relation between beholders and space which includes ”bubble” itself, in terms of physical circumstances and also of mental condition. The BUBBLEs settle various places within Dessau Bauhaus to welcome observers. The observers possibly are able to touch it and transport it to arbitrary positions. At designated moment performers enter the inside, then 2 of the BUBBLEs convert into as a performative sphere. Performers implement animate acts with gadgets to communicate with the other Bubble while moving around whole buildings. From this moment, the BUBBLEs become the Observers as the subject that is the opposite position by then, and all environment which is outside of
a secure yellow cradle suddenly turns to be observed by BUBBLEs.

“a Way”
Direction/Installation design/Performance: Michiyasu Furutani
Music: Elmer Kussiac
Cultures, economics, and politics are indispensable for cities and citizens, and it also applies for labor in whatever form it is. It is no exception, even in a region of dance. In order to execute movements that choreographers/performers imagine, it requires unceasing physical repetitive actions that form the foundation of the bodily sense. It then becomes a dance/performance. The repeated movements also shake the primitive impulse that lies in deep of our body.
A guy appeared in this piece, carrying a huge log more than 5 meters long, taking a 30-minute walk from a fountain to a tree-planting spot in a park. Using only a regular rope and a body, transports the log absorbed plenty of the water from the fountain. It can be called performance or labor, which happens every night during the vibrant festival of Aurillac.
When Aurillac encounters the primitive action, what kind of insight does emerge, and what type of reaction will produce which lurks in our deep inside?

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