Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

InlanDimensions International Arts Festival

Contact person :
Nikodem Karolak
Position :
InlanDimensions International Arts Festival Director
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What is Bridges Foundation and Inlandimensions? We are forming a bridge (kakehashi) across the whole Eurasia (Asia does not exist!) by touring Japanese theatrical groups and (performing) artists as their tournée managers, preparing film retrospectives, handling negotiations with Japanese institutions, handling copyrights issues, settling the prices according to the budget and circumstances of a defined institution, organizing conferences and academic events, etc. We wholeheartedly support promotion and presentation of cultures of different countries, including countries belonging to Eurasian cultural sphere. We support and promote the achievements of foreign filmmakers, theater artists, musicians, literary authors, artists and photographers, including artists coming from countries belonging to Eurasian cultural sphere, being focused on modern Japan. We aim at establishing and maintaining partnerships with cultural organizations operating abroad, which main goals are: popularization of culture and international exchange of cultural experience. We actively strengthen bonds among local societies, support and popularize local cultures. Our main event is annually held Inlandimensions International Interdisciplinary Arts Festival (based in Poland). At the moment we are representing abroad such groups and individuals from Japan, as: Ikenoshita Theatrical Company, Banyuu Inryoku Laboratory of Theatre Play, Terayama World, SEAMI, Shinjuku Ryouzanpaku Theatre Company, Project Nyx, Koike Hiroshi Bridge Project, Shounen Oujakan, Taira Jo, Sugiyama Takuya , as well as other groups and artists from Hong Kong: Alice Teatre Laboratory, Horizon Theatre, 4 Degrees Laboratory Company, Unlock Dancing Plaza and many others. We have been successfully cooperating and negotiating with Japanese big industry film companies, for instance ©TOHO CO., LTD., © GAGA CORPORATION. We provide ways to contact any major or indie film directors, as well as programming film retrospectives and bringing people from industry abroad. We have been awarded grants from Japan Foundation, EU-Japan Fest, Agency for Cultural Affairs and other international facilities. We have established connections with many international institutions, such as: Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre, The Grotowski Institute, The Theater Olympics, Leisure and Cultural Services Department Hong Kong, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Waseda University and others. We are looking forward to cooperating with you and building up bridges and partnerships with other institutions. Feel free to message us in Japanese / English.

Last update : 11 Nov. 2021


Education for Madmen by Ikenoshita Theatrical Company (sample tourable work)

Three Sisters by Hiroshi Koike Brige Project (sample tourable work)

Nuhikun by Banyuu Inryoku Laboratory of Theatre Play (sample tourable work)

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