Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture


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Akifumi Toyofuku(豊福彬文)
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Choreographer & Dancer & Researcher
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In 2006, "Namstrops" dance company was formed with a unique focus on upside-down dance. They explore the practical research of "creating new value by thinking from an inverted perspective." The company name itself is a reverse reading of "sportsman." They became finalists in the Yokohama Dance Collection Competition I in 2008 and 2012. They have presented their works not only in various cities and countries in Asia but also in the United States, Estonia, Romania, Germany, Croatia, and more (40 cities in 15 countries). Furthermore, in 2008, they established the Art NPO Miyazaki C-Dance Center. They engage in experimental art activities unique to their company, such as exhibiting the philosophy of "physical education" in contemporary art museums nationwide, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa. In March 2019, they opened the "Kirakira Transparent Gymnasium / International Children and Youth Theater Miyazaki" (CandY Theater) in Miyazaki City, aiming to pioneer the possibilities of a contemporary dance dedicated theater as a "public but not public institution." It serves as both a gymnasium for nursery children during the day and a theater for contemporary dance performances on weekends and evenings. Their efforts to realize a "world where no one is left behind" (SDGs) through art have been recognized, and they have received the "Kids Design Award" for seven consecutive years (2018,2023: Kids Design Council Chairman's Award / 2019: Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award). In June 2023, they plan and organize the long-awaited "The Sky is Vast! International Dance Festival in Miyazaki 2023" in conjunction with the transition to the COVID-19 Alert Level 5. In recent years, namstrops, a non-profit general incorporated association and venture company affiliated with Miyazaki University (Representative Director: Rumiko Takahashi), has been conducting corporate, organizational, and teacher training programs aligned with its corporate philosophy of promoting positive impacts on mental and physical health. They specialize in creative dance (Sousaku-Dance) and have pursued it at the Dance Research Laboratory of Miyazaki University. They have completed a graduate program in education. Their book "Usouto Tsuuposu: Competition-free Sports Becoming Art" was published in 2021 as an e-book. Member Toyofuku was selected as the Agency for Cultural Affairs' Emerging Artists Overseas Training Program participant in 2014 (Romania/Sibiu). They also received the Encouragement Award in the Yokohama Dance Collection Competition II in 2011.

Last update : 15 Mar. 2024


THE INCH-HIGH SAMURAI/Sibiu International Theatre Festival 2014

Hurdle #3/Busan International Dance Festival (BIDF) 2017

tagaru3/International Youth Theater in Miyazaki(CandY theater)2021

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