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Tendo Taijin

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TendoTaijin (Poet・Reciter・Calligrapher) Born in 1944 in Otaru-city,.Japan. His published collections include: A World of Illusion (1981), The Azure Ring of Ezra Pound (1995), Great God, Kitchee Manitou (1997), Rosso di Maggio (1999), The Wind of Dakar (2005), The Snow of Picos de Europa (2015). In July 1990, he attended a master class with Galina Vishnevskaya in Salzburg. In March 2002, he held a solo voice performance at the Arena de Verona, Italy. ⚫ Since October 2006, he has produced 1,850 poetry performances in his Art performance project titled « Projet La Voix des Poètes » in Tokyo, Japan. ⚫ A member of the International Poetry Association of Africa since 2000, at present he is active in reviving the recitation of poetry and participates in festivals around the world, in such places as: Argentina (Buenos Aires, Rosario); Bangladesh (Dhaka); Benin (Cotonou); Colombia (Medellín); Cuba (Havana, Matanzas); France (Saint-Nazaire); Iran (Abadan, Tehran); Iraq (Babylon, Baghdad); Italy (Genoa, Florence, Pistoia, Verona); Madagascar (Antanabarivo); Mali (Bamako, Dogon); Mauritius (Port Louis); New Zealand (Wellington); Portugal (Aveiro); Réunion (Saint-Denis); Senegal (Dakar, Saint-Louis); South Korea (Pyeongchang, Seoul); Switzerland (Zurich); U.S.A. (Seattle, WA); Venezuela (Caracas); Kosova(Rahovec).etc. Since1990.each yearhe re-dedicates his voice to the god of the sea at Watazumi Shrine(Nagasaki-ken). He is presently a member of the Pen Club of Japan, and is renowned all over the world as a writer and reciter of poetry, a calligrapher, and an art critic. Contact: Tendo Taijin (Poet・Reciter・Calligrapher) / VΘEME® 2-61-1-603, Den-enchofu, Oota-ku, Tokyo 145-0071, JAPAN Tel: (+81) 3-6459-7611・Fax: (+81) 3-6459-7647 Mobile phone: (+81) 90-3696-7098 E-mail: URL: http// URL:http// Facebook: tendotaijin Twitter: @Tendo Taijin VΘEME®=Tendo Taijin 天童大人=VΘEME VΘEME® is a special term coined from the English word \\\"voice\\\" and the French word \\\"poème.\\\" Please note that the term is a registered trademark (September 2019) of the poet Tendo Taijin.              Translated by Stephen Comee


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