Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Shusuke Nishimatsu

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Shusuke Nishimatsu
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I am waiting for something. One day I caught a mosquito in the duty-free area of an airport. For me, this mosquito was an apt symbol of our hyper global existence. It survives by sucking the blood of different races. And at the same time, it can be a dangerous vehicle for transmitting diseases from person to person. Holding this mosquito between my fingers at the duty-free shop I understood globalization in a deeper sense. I think what I am waiting for is an entrance to know the world we live in, like this mosquito. My work engages several media, including video, sound, objects, and storytelling. I consider time, information and experience as materials to sculpt models of the world structures.

Last update : 11 Oct. 2021


Based on my own experience, I reveal how each package in a
logistics truck is arranged by district and route for easy access. I
drive a city inside a city.

Facing Pont d\'Avignon—a bridge famously discontinued half-way
crossing the Rhône—I ask a French-Japanese interpreter about
the Japanese word “hashi” (edge, chopsticks, bridge), attempting
to bridge this rift in translation.

A fisherman tells stories of the sea and connects the ends of
ropes. This new fragmented rope loops as a 8mm-projection,
making visible the process of editing a life\'s narrative.

Photo: Tadasu Yamamoto

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