Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Wataru Kitao

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Miyu Shirai
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Dance Company Baobab Choreographer, Dancer, Actor Born in 1987. From childhood, Kitao learns many genres such as classical ballet and Hiphop dance. He acts as child actor on stage “Miss Saigon” “Les Miserable”. In 2009, he established Dance company Baobab and start his own style creation. Every year, Baobab participate in many festivals such as KYOTO EXPERIMENT(2010-2013) and San Francisco International Arts festival 2018. He choreographs for theater play, TV drama, TV commercial and movie and others. He also have role of teacher in University and workshop. He sometimes performs as an actor in play. (ex. Ryohei Kondo, Junnosuke Tada, Kunio Sugihara, Norihito Nakayashiki, Suguru Yamamoto ) He choreographs for play, TV drama, TV commercial and movie. He is support artist of Steep slope studio and teaches dancing at Shobi university. He is a support artist of Steep Slope Studio and part-time lecturer in Shobi University and Obirin University.

Last update : 01 Jun. 2022



『jungle・concrete・jungle』photo by Riki Ishikura

『FIELD』photo by Manaho Kaneko

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