Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture


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masaki mayuko
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Social Animator, Teacher, Producer, Researcher
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I call myself a social animator because I animate at school, organize drawing experiences and artistic residencies, which became a nature of community development and open a bit of the animation industry. The primary meaning of Animation is liveliness. I love animation, and "liveliness" is my concept. The truth is, I animate teachers, curricula, and the environment, which leads me to the community, and of course people in and around the community. Would you like me to animate your community? I look forward so much to new encounters and travels! Hope to animate you real soon *v*

Last update : 09 Feb. 2022


" Talent Blossom "
This experience has drawn people from all over the globe, from beginners to professionals, who can find fun in art and life. It is an introduction to a classical approach to drawing, and building an international network, while on retreat in the beautiful and calming area of Otsuki province in Japan.

A number of quantitative and qualitative research methods have been applied to better understand the differences between countries with regard to teaching and learning arts.

" Artists in Residency "
Artistic residencies in Otsuki in Shikoku. Otsuki Town, where I live, is located at the soutwest tip of Shikoku Island. It has a wild and rich environment, with almost the entire region covered by dense forest. We invite artists to experience these beautiful natural surroundings and the cultural life here. We provide biological scientific knowledge from institutes, and professors also! We also organize workshops for the local community to enrich life experiences.

" animanoiroha "
A new form of education in a rural area in Japan, using animation within the primary school curriculum. Starting with an animation program for children in the small, remote town of Otsuki, we give kids the chance to explore the joy of animation, gain confidence in their own creativity, and realize the potential of the rich resources around them.

animanoiroha is a "social animation", which began with a stop motion animation workshop at school. and has now expanded into shifting the focus of municipal development policy towards animation and art. More and more people from different fields have been getting involved, meaning we have continued to expand, and have become borderless.

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