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Yusuke Aonuma

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Yusuke Aonuma

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studied interior design at Musashino Art University and completed MA in Design at Tokyo University of the Arts, where he is now appointed as a lecturer. Yusuke was awarded the Grand Prix in the Tokyo Midtown Art Award 2018 for his installation work Building breath.


[Build a breath / plant the city]

Cities undergo constant renewal. Those cityscapes change with time, and have always brought changes to the time we spend and the places we spend it in. But no land was ever created to become a city. A city is the result of an expansion that happens with repeated construction and demolition of buildings. I planted the fluff from dandelions to express this constant renewal. Tiny, delicate buildings fervently stand up, and eventually become a city. Even if they fall down, they can be reborn if someone replants them. Cities do not belong to any one person, they constantly renew themselves with time.

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[Build a breath]

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