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Kensho Miyoshi

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Kensho Miyoshi


I am a designer and researcher exploring the aesthetics of the physical movement of everyday objects, such as the rotation of clock hands, the waving of curtains and the opening and closing of automatic doors. I recently completed a PhD \'Objects in Motion: Exploring Kinesthetic Empathy in Design\' at the Royal College of Art, London. My thesis which explored the potential of kinaesthetic empathy for designing the aesthetics of object movements (supervised by Professor Miles Pennington and Michael Hohl) is currently turned into a book and planned to be published worldwide this autumn from the publisher, Birkhäuser. I was planning to organise exhibitions, lectures and workshops to disseminate my research project from the beginning of this year but it has been almost impossible to do so in the form originally planned. So I started using a part of my website as a platform to document and share my PhD research so that other people can reference wherever they are based. At the moment, I have gathered all available (previously published) references to my project, including the summary of my PhD thesis, on my website: I\'m currently working on improving the website by the following means: 1) by creating a slide show and possibly a video lecture as supplemental material, 2) by translating all contents between English and Japanese to reach a wider audience, and 3) by updating and coding the website so that it could enable interactive communication with the online visitors. If any financial support is provided for my project, it would be tremendously helpful to achieve the above goals with the best possible quality.


PUWANTS: Kensho Miyoshi In-store exhibition
Copyright: Kensho Miyoshi, Kosei Komatsu, Takahiro Tsushima

Hamon (Ripple) Clock
Copyright: Kensho Miyoshi

Puppetry and Design
Copyright: Kensho Miyoshi, Rachel Warr, Kumi Oda, Viraj Joshi, Pengduowen Li

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