Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Office H - ALLjp - Hiromi ITO

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Hiromi Ito
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Hiromi ITO went independent and started Office H in 1999, after working as a public relations and advertising coordinator and marketing communications manager for foreign companies. She has a unique network of contacts with schools and independent studios in Europe and Japan, and is involved in distribution and rights management of overseas short animation, and introduction of global media situations. For several years now, she has seen the new possibilities of animation in Animated Learning and has been working to promote it in Japan. Animated learning is a movement that has emerged in countries such as Denmark and Brazil. Using film language and animation as a means of communication and imagination, we can create new and innovative solutions.

Last update : 17 Dec. 2021


Animated Learning workshop in Asaka with children - Let's think about the future of our park with animation and send out our ideas!
You see children works:
Around the World
Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter of Anthropomorphic Animals in the Park

WAT 2019 - Documentary Animation by Female Directors from Korea, Sweden and Japan

Hybrid documentary animation, Coulear de paux: Miel, distribution and promotion in Japan

Curriculum vitae