Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Kengo Noguchi

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Photographer Kengo Noguchi has been sharing experiences and engaging with people with unique and alternative lifestyles living in regular society amid the heavy influence of the majority culture and contemporary social norms, as well as people on journeys and at crossroads, and has been active in documenting works of photography and motion pictures that grasp the universality of humanity, using a fixed-point observation method. Up until now, I have been photographing and presenting works depicting such people as: homeless wanderers in cities and hinterlands of Japan, drifting global backpackers, Tibetan refugees in India, families of remote earthquake-torn villages in Nepal, and a sexton of sacred sites who have come to accept the fate of mass tourist development. Recently, I have set out to Nepal and North India from an interest in the connection between Eastern philosophy and memory and time internalized in photo and video media. 野口健吾は写真家として、現代の社会的制約・小市民的文化環境の中で、マジョリティから看過されがちながらもオルタナティブな独自の法則に従って暮らす人々や、旅の途上や岐路に立つ人々に関わり、彼らの生き方に寄り添いながらも、定点的な手法で普遍的な人間像を捉えるような写真作品や映像作品を制作し発表している。  これまでに日本の都市や僻地で暮らす野宿者、世界を放浪するバックパッカー、インドのチベット難民、ネパール地震に直面した辺境の村家族、大規模な聖地開発の運命を受け入れて暮らす寺男などを撮影し作品を発表してきた。近年は、写真・映像メディアに内在する記憶・時間性と東洋思想の接点への関心から、ネパール、北インドに赴き制作を行っている。

Last update : 17 Dec. 2021


Portrait (meditation)
pom_0419 ,2015
pigment inkjet prints
©Kengo Noguchi

Along The Way
Baba Setaram (b.1954 Indian), Thivim, India, April 5, 2017
pigment inkjet prints, 84.1×59.4cm
©Kengo Noguch

寺男 A Sexton
©Kengo Noguch

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