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Akihiro Yamamoto

Contact person :
Akihiro Yamamoto

Position :
Noh actor, Kanze school


Noh actor from Kanze school. Designated as a bearer of important intangible cultural heritage. First performance at the age of 3. Representative director of public utility foundation Yamamoto Noh Theater. Headquarter director and Osaka branch member of public utility foundation Nohgaku Performers' Association. Based in Yamamoto Noh Theater in Osaka, Akihiro Yamamoto strictly observes the traditions of Noh as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, while vigorously widening its appeal as an attractive and still functioning performing art. Since 2010 he has produced numerous performances all over Europe, aiming to faithfully represent Japan's traditional culture, stimulating international cultural exchange and providing a medium for a deeper understanding between the people of Europe and Japan. Akihiro Yamamoto's efforts have been recognized internationally through numerous awards, including the Japan Foundation Global Citizen award in 2015 and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs award in 2017.


New Noh play "Orpheus"

Curriculum vitae

Last update : 18 Nov. 2021