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Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo

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Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo (IAFT) is an annual event that began in 2014. With no specific date in each year or area limitations to the festival\'s location, IAFT takes place mainly in Tokyo, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, Denmark and Argentina. IAFT facilitates exchange programs and collaborations with artists, film festivals, independent organisations, and has performed contemporary art exhibitions, video screenings, performances, plays, talks, lectures and workshops. In 2009 IAFT was founded, as a reincarnation of “Far East Audio Visual Socialization(FEAVS),” to shatter the current norm of fixed spaces and audiences; and to discover artists who create new values going beyond the borders of artistic practice. We feature artists who engage in interdisciplinary practice, creating new values that connect people by introducing more dynamic art festivals that reflects contemporary society. Our purpose is to provide new and free perspectives that enrich people with inspiration – expanding the opportunity for the artists to present their works, by introducing experimental and avant-garde art. We aim for both creators and viewers to mutually share their feed back with each other: build the foundation for new art, and rejuvenate the art scene by featuring innovative artists with clear concepts and new visions.

Last update : 14 Oct. 2021


IAFT19/20 in Osaka (November 2019). Image © IAFT

IAFT19/20 in EUK (Copenhagen Version) (October 2019). Image © IAFT

IAFT17/18(March 2018). Image © IAFT

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