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Tatsuya Sugimoto

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私は、日常の目に見えない”ルール”と”マナー”をテーマに、一貫して“不都合な真実“を表現 してきました。普段の生活のなかで遭遇する人やもの、出来事がつねに起点になっており、 そこで行われたやりとりや振る舞いなどを注意深く調査していく中で、浮き上がってくる彼 らの理想や願い、それらを実現する共同過程を発表している。そして、それらの持続的な実 践から見えてくるさまざまな解釈と命題の可能性を探っています。


I heard history of the place from one person (who worked at there). That used to be factory for make crab soup before renovated to the gallery space. At that time they used this door as an delivery entrance. I had inspired from it, I created one kind of bridge which for connecting between old history and this scene in the present.
During the opening day, the steps could people use them to enter the gallery space.

II transported the wood chair from the forest to the showing space. I had a reparation it instead of hunter. During the exhibition, they went to Switzerland for skiing as an off season.

I order to Ferrari, for coating red on the broom as a specification Ferrari.
I attempt in this work is to make his childhood dream and current problem comes true.

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