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Theater Company ARICA

Contact person :
Yasuki Fujita

Position :
Artistic Director


Formed in 2001, theatre company ARICA persuits body-oriented performance interweaved with progressive modernism and vernacular speech, attracting national and international audience as performance beyond the boundaries of multiple artistic fields. 
ARICA was originally organized by five members: Yasuki Fujita (director), Shino Kuraishi (poet), Tomoko Ando (actor), Keizo Maeda (producer), Osamu Saruyama (musician). Later, Yoko Ando (textile coordinator, designer), Yuri Suyama (graphic designer), Naoya Watanabe (textile designer), Eijiro Takahashi (artist), Natsuko Motegi (performer), Satoshi Fukuoka (producer) joined as core members. 
Although they mainly create solo performances, each creation features artists from various fields such as dancers (Kota Yamazaki, Mika Kurosawa, Megumi Kamimura), actors (Akito Inui, Isao Okumura), musicians (Yutaka Fukuoka, Itoken), artists (Nao Nishihara, Teppei Kaneuji), and actionist (Takuzo Kubikukuri). These unique collaborations have attracted attention as a borderless performance correlating with creative works in visual art, music, architecture and design.
On the other hand, they have released pieces inspired by Samuel Beckett based on the research over the years. 
Also, in order to open up a new horizon of body expression, they have explored various ways of creation: live music and mechanical devices resonating with body movement and performance out of theatre stages to give site-specific approach to their pieces.
In recent years, they often perform overseas. They have developed their collaboration with local actors especially in India through their performance and workshops.


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Jan 2019 @ Tokyo

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