Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture


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IChi Go
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Choreographer, dancer
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Elektro Kagura specializes in reinterpreting the great Japanese myths in the form of multidisciplinary performances that combine modern dance, electronic music and live animation. With this mix of styles, we want to create new forms of expression that are familiar as well as surprising, didactic and entertaining, appealing to both historical and popular culture lovers.

Last update : 17 Dec. 2021


\\\"Die Wüstenwitwe\\\" (2019 Berlin Premiere)
-Performing Arts collective-

Sand: a metaphor for a mass that is inexorably in motion, impossible to tame, impossible to ignore. A powerful body, in which we all need to find our own path as individuals, as single grains. A nightmarish representation of society. With this new dance piece, the group ELEKTRO KAGURA delivers its very own version of this timeless symbol with an aesthetic mixing post-pop modern dance, imaginary stage design and electronic music.

ELEKTRO KAGURA is an interdisciplinary artists\\\' group founded in 2016, which lives and works in Berlin: Ichi Go, a Japanese female dancer, Yukihiro Ikutani, a Japanese scenographer and visual artist, and AXL OTL, a French composer.
The aim of \\\"ELEKTRO KAGURA\\\" is to create a double dialogue between two epochs and two cultures through a fusion of contemporary dance, digital projection and electronic music. On the one hand between the sacred dance \\\"KAGURA\\\" and the modern subculture, on the other hand between Japan and Europe.

22 / 23.6. 2019 WABEBERLIN (PREMIERE)
09 / 10.8. 2019 Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

Management/stage design: Yukihiro Ikutani
Choreography/Dance: Ichi Go
Dance/Acting: Ryota Maeda
Composition/Live Music: AXL OTL
Dramaturge: Tomoya Kawamura
Live camera: Bernd Kumar
stage technology: Andreas Heilig
Graphic Design: Tadaaki Kumagai
Light&Sound: Moritz Rösner, Norbert Zühlke (from WABE)
Marco Uhlmann, Roland Spratte (from Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte)
Curator: Gabriele Schohl (from Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte)
Advertising: Nadine Lipp (from Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte)
Sponsored by Kunst und Kultur Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin, JaDe-Stiftung (Köln)

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