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Tatekawa Shinoharu

Contact person :
立川志の春(Tatekawa Shinoharu)

Position :
落語家(Rakugo Performer)


Hello, I am Shinoharu Tatekawa, a rakugotraditional Japanese comedy storytellingperformer who performs rakugo in both Japanese and English. One of the unique characteristics of rakugo, is it's style of storytelling and acting combined. The storyteller tells the story not as a narrator, but by acting out all the characters, making it possible for the story to appear vividly in the minds of the audience. The philosophy that is embodied in most of the classical rakugo stories is simple, "everyone makes mistakes, everyone has flaws, but that's what makes us lovable and attractive". I believe the themes and style of rakugo can be enjoyed by people worldwide, and so I hope to continue performing in front of a worldwide audience.


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Last update : 05 Oct. 2021