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Akira Araishi

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Akira Araishi

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Ichion started with activities in 2008 and consists of vocalist Kyra and Akira who plays the electronic instruments. The music of Ichion is the mix of the songs in Ainu langauge and electronic experimental music that incorporates home-made instruments and environmental sounds. They describe themselves as NEO spiritual and include LED lights in their performances, which contributes to a multidimensional cyberspace. 2019, the duo performed live at REALives Summer festival in Li?ge, making their European debut. In December 2020,the new album "ORO MIKE MIKE MAY"was released from HIGHFeeL, Belgium/Japan music label.


The album title"ORO MIKE MIKE MAY"means splendid shining echo in Ainu language.

The album is available for download and streaming on all platforms,

as well as in a “physical” version (CD + 12-page A4 booklet), in a limited edition.

12-page booklet contains beautiful pictures and the story of the journey for recording ofthis album.

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