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Ryohei Kondo

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Ryohei Kondo Profile Born in 1968 Tokyo and grew up in Peru, Chile and Argentine. Choreographer, Dancer, Artistic Director of Condors, the Japanese contemporary dance company which sold out the tickets all the time and traveled more than 30 countries last 16 years. Choreographed \"Salary Man Exercise\" in the comedy program \"Salary Man NEO\" on TV, also \"Karada de asobo.\" He choreographed and played in \"Piper\" directed by Hideki Noda, As an actor, he played in \"The Bee\" by Noda Map. His creating works include Movies, Theaters, TV commercials. Lecturer at Rikkyo Univ. and Yokohama National Univ. Awarded The 4th Asahi Performing Arts Award (Shuji Terayama Award). Loves Dogs.


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