Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Uzume Theater

Contact person :
Peter Goessner
Position :
Representative/Director (Professor, Toho Gakuen College of Art, Department of Drama)
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Uzume Theater is a rare theater company founded 25 years ago in Japan by German director Peter Goessner, and is a co-production of German and Japanese theater artists. In 2021, Uzume Theater was invited to participate in the Sibiu International Theater Festival 2021, one of the three largest theater festivals in the world, to perform "The Woman in the Sand" (original story: Kobo Abe, director: Peter Goessner). Due to the effects of the new coronavirus, it was feared that we would not be able to travel to Romania, but we were able to perform the play there. The performance was very well received with an almost full house and four curtain calls. Please refer to the profile at the bottom of this page.

Last update : 20 Dec. 2021


Uzume Theater "the sand woman" FITS2021 23 AUGUST @Teatrul Gong
De:Kobo Abe
REGIA:Peter Goessner

『This young people save the future An Online-Demo』(30 May,2020)
Director by Peter Goessner

『Antony and Cleopatra』(October,2016)
product by William Shakespeare
Director by Peter Goessner

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