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Beniko Tanaka/SOLTA

Contact person :
Beniko Tanaka

Position :
Planner/ Director


Dear organizers of Meet up ECoC! I arrived in Portugal in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in craft design from TAMA university of art in Tokyo, a diploma on Glassmaking and a deep love for all things light and reflections. In 2010 I complement my formation in the Advanced Course of Fine arts of Ar.Co (art and visual communication centre in Lisbon). I learned shadow puppetry under Fabrizio Montecci (Teatro Gioco Vita, Italy) in order to develop different forms of performing arts. I make shows and performances of Japanese shadow puppetry in solo and in collaboration with various institutions. In this Pandemic situation I am making a story video on my Youtube cannel, an arranged story based on our legend Momotarou, the hero who encounters Oni monster, in my arrangement he face to Monster Corona. The video has been made with technique of shadow puppetry (Me, in Lisbon) with Japanese tradicional music(Musicians in Tokyo, remote working). I wish this video to reach many kids and many old people who are facing to this period in such difficulties. I have made it\'s narration in Japanese and in Portuguese for the episode 1. It will be on the cannel, in Spanish and Italian versions on this weekend, the day 26 of July. I ask your help for advertising the video, and a finance help to make it\'s narration in deferent languages includes sign language. Best regards, Beniko Tanaka (SOLTA)


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©︎Sombras à SOLTA

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